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Seeing Future Value Today ™-

Prophet Equity is a private equity firm that uses proven, data-driven analytical techniques coupled with over 100 years of investment and management experience to invest in, unlock and realize future value today. Partnering with owners and management teams, our team of experts utilizes a Holistic Value Creation™ (HVC™) strategy and Prophet Full Potential Value™ (PFPV™) system that is Fortune 500 tested and private equity proven to diagnose and drive dramatic value creation. Portfolio company management teams are highly motivated with clear, uncapped incentives based on realized business performance.

Over the last sixteen years our Principals have invested control equity in special situation, lower middle market companies creating over $2B in value across entities with over $4B in revenue. Our control equity investments focus on lower middle market, asset intensive companies with strategically strong businesses and significant value creation potential, such as those found in partnerships, corporate carve-outs, divestitures and non-strategic businesses of larger companies. Representative business situations include special situations, succession planning, recapitalizations, reorganizations, turnarounds, acquisitions, mergers and bankruptcies. For more information on Prophet Equity or to discuss seeing future value in your situation today, please contact us at 817.898.1500 or email us at